Importance of knowing your growth or progress in your spiritual journey

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Let's speak about your growth or progress in your spiritual journey.

Many of you would ask why am I feeling like my guides are now quiet or why does it seem like I've reached a stand still in my spiritual growth.

When your ancestors activate parts of your growth which I'll refer to as levels (for lack of a better word)

They show themselves up and send you on quest, whether to wear beads, remove beads, visit sacred places, get herbs, buy ancestral clothes, assist people, see people who have passed on and assist them, see people's stories and assist them etc.... The list is endless really.

They will then give you time to step into these roles also giving themselves time to activate such levels in you. During this time they watch you as you fight off the feelings of being scared and being attacked because during this time you vibrate higher than when they hadn't activated you.

They then analyse your task, how you go about doing it, your heart stance, and the actual taking off of the task.

The stillness then comes when you're done or are now living in this manner, during this time when you feel they are quiet, they say "they still discussing your life.

Many will encounter other spiritual beings coming from all works of life stopping them and relaying some messages from your ancestors to you and you wonder, why haven't I received the message directly like you always do? 

It is because now, you're clouded in executing this task and sometimes causing blockage in your communication.

You will never miss a message from them, hence they send people to make sure you get it. Even when you seem clouded.

Then they show up either congratulating you, or with an answered prayer of one or maybe more of the things you seek or shall need in future.

They then send you on a new task and the vibration becomes hightened again.

It's a process that needs patience and resilience and complete trust in them knowing you shall get whatever message they want to send to you no matter what. Trust in the process and cast all your burdens unto them secretive.

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