Joke: Funny Facebook pics that will brighten your day


1) Those who don't have Microsoft,how do you warm your food .

2) I sent her 30k to come and see me . Now she is calling me that they got an accident on their way and nobody survived .3) 5k for any girl standing straight in her profile pic .4) When principal is calling out those that will go home for not paying their fees and you haven't paid but he smiled at you and said "your mom came this morning“ .

You: Impossible!

5) I will tell mummy you are playing game with her phone .

6) You think iPhone users are proud,just wait until you meet people that their genotype is A A and their blood group is O+ .

7) Sometimes you can't imagine how some things get to where they are .

8) Boys during video call .

9) why did you not read,you are waiting for answer .

10) I paid for swimming pool 6k and you say let me not drink the water? Water i will use to make garri .

11) Ride on Mr. Microwave .

12) After dusting all 12 strokes from the toughest teacher and you want to ask why the class captain wrote your name .

13) Girls!

Your male best friend is your boyfriend truth .

14) I am yet to see my period for last month. Could it be network problem?

15) One of my mother's greatest prayers .

16) When you read your Bible well you never get misled .

17) Every time they will be speaking bad English .

18) Cheers to science are doing well .

19) Love is blind....the ultra pro max of confusion .

20) That is me ...on the wedding day of my ex.

21) When she is dancing but nothing is shaking .

22) I feel like dying don't cry for me .

Which one made you laugh most?

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