NSMQ 2021: Check Out The School To Obtain The Highest Score In This Year's Competition


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Three contests were completed today in the 2021 NSMQ Ashanti Regional Championship. The semifinal and final stages of the Regional Championship would be held on Monday, May 31, 2021.

Indeed what I said in my previous article about today's competition played out the same way. I had said earlier that Prempeh College would make a strong statement to their academic rivals, Opoku Ware School to show that they are prepared for OWASS. OWASS had obtained 67 points in its contest yesterday. Hence, I predicted that Prempeh College would obtain points higher than their academic rivals. Keta SHTS also obtained 73 points in Regional Championship contest too.

The four-time NSMQ winners ended the four-round Regional Championship contest with a whopping 80 points. This points which was obtained by Prempeh College is by far the highest in all regional championships across the country. The school is really known for very high scores when it comes to the NSMQ competition.

I believe the statement made by Prempeh College has been well received by all schools across the country. All should be well organized and prepared when they face off last year's quarter finalist school.

Congratulations to Prempeh College and all other schools on making it to the semifinal stage of the 2021 NSMQ Ashanti Regional Championship.

What do you make of Prempeh College's performance? Do you think the school can win the trophy this year? Kindly leave your comments below. Thanks for reading the article.

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