Man Removes Sand He Used To Repair Road After Drivers Failed To Give Him Money (watch video)

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After a video of an unnamed man removing the sand used to patch potholes went viral, the internet was shocked.

Up until the advent of community-centered remedies, the problem of potholes was an annoyance to road users, especially cars.

Members of the community, primarily men, went above and above during these community-centered interventions to cover and repair damaged roads.

It seemed like a good idea at first, but over time, road users realized that many of these road patchers utilize it as a lure.

They frequently repaired a short section of the roadways before begging for alms the rest of the day.

Road users have suddenly stopped supporting this behavior by refusing to give money even when they perform the work because of this.

In light of this, a recent video doing the rounds on social media illustrates how how egocentric our culture has become.

Watch a Ghanaian man remove sand in the video below due to a lack of donations.

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