MP's Annoyed Over the New Directive About School Buses


About two weeks ago, education cabinet secretary, prof George Magoha pronounced a new directive on school buses. He said that school buses should be used for only academic purposes. He also gave an indication that anyone who might want to hire the school bus for non academic purposes should first seek permission from the ministry. So anyone who wishes to use the school bus will have to go to Jogoo house to seek authorization. "We will give authorization from Jogoo house, it does not matter if you are a government official," he said.

CS Magoha said that the school buses are to carry students using the COVID-19 protocols and he threatened that action will be taken for those breaking this new directive.

Following this new directive by CS Magoha, some members of parliament have expressed their disagreement with Magoha. Charles Kamuren, Joshua Kandie and Daniel Tuitoek have come up by arguing that most of school buses were bought using CDF money and that Magoha cannot give instructions on how they should be used.

CS Magoha is now under threat of being impeached as honorable Joshua Kandie said that he is ready to mobilize all members of parliament to do an impeachment for him.