Transition To Junior Secondary School Remains A Hard Nut To Crack

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Prof. George Magoha the education cabinet secretary had to out on Wednesday to clarify that junior secondary will be hosted in both day and boarding schools.

This came after government spokesperson Cyrus Oguna said that junior Secondary will be hosted in day schools only. And senior secondary will be hosted in boarding schools only. Magoha corrected Ogunas statement that all the existing boarding and day secondary schools will admit all the junior secondary learners.

Magoha added that the ministry of education has identified one thousand five hundred primary schools that will be allowed to host junior secondary learners. This came after government assessed the institutions standards to host junior secondary which is grade seven and eight.

The public awareness of these selected primary schools has been kept a secret. Public secondary schools are now congested. Is the government fully prepared for this junior secondary as the time is almost elapsing?

There are 1,250,649 learners who will join junior secondary after six months from now. There are also 1,320,395 learners who will join form one after six months from now. A total of 2,571,344 learners are expected to join secondary school.

The expansion of 10,000 more classrooms to avoid congestion was launched late last year by the jubilee government. Only six thousand of them have been completed. The current government has only two and a half months to complete the expansion.

Shortage of teachers has been experienced in secondary schools and now the number of admissions of learners has doubled. Will the government employ more teachers?

Are there problems faced by CBC bigger than than the curriculum itself?

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