Female Passenger Caught On Camera Making Out With The Driver


A lady whose identity is unknown for now offered something different to a driver after she had no money to pay the fare. This Female passenger was caught on camera making out with The Driver It been reported that The lady had traveled from a long journey and had been in different cars. However after she had alight she took the bag but could not see her purse. She searched everywhere but could not find it . The driver was also furious because he has transported the lady from a very long distance so the fare was a bit high.

Unfortunately those in the car had all left so it was left with the lady and the driver. There was nothing the lady could do and the driver was also on her demanding his money. So in other to end the argument and chaos she told the driver that the driver can sleep with her instead of the fare. The driver knowing how beautiful the lady is accepted and he slept with her in the car. Unfortunately peoples where around and they filmed the two of them.The driver after he was satisfied took his car and drove away.

What will you say about the driver because of simple fare you slept with a lady you don't know. Because of his lustful behavior he quickly accepted the lady's proposal without hesitating. The lady too could not just endure the pressure and humiliation so she just gave in.

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