Kaizer Chiefs have finally found Tinashe Nengomasha's replacement.

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Tinashe Nengomasha is a former footballer who played mostly as a midfielder for the Zimbabwe National team as well as for Kaizer Chiefs, Mpumalanga Black Aces, and Bidvest Wits in the South African Premier Soccer League. He also played for Zimbabwe in international competition. The gap that was left by the well-known Zimbabwean holding midfielder Tinashe Nengomasha has reportedly been totally filled by Kaizer Chiefs, as stated by the team's former coach Farouk Khan.

Therefore, according to Khan, Nengomasha, who used to be an Amakhosi football star in his own right and was a significant player at Naturena primarily throughout the 2000s, has eventually been displaced. Nengomasha was a key player at Naturena most of the time throughout the 2000s. Zitha Kwinika, who was crowned Player of the Season at Stellenbosch earlier in the season, was recently signed by the squad. This comes as a direct result of that signing.

Ever since Zimbabwean destroyer Tinashe Nengomasha left Kaizer Chiefs, the club has been having trouble finding a suitable successor for him in Alton. Kaizer Chiefs are still searching for such a player. Zitha Macheke is a soccer player from South Africa who now plays for Stellenbosch in the South African Premier Division. Macheke defends the goal for Stellenbosch.

The following are some of the comments that were made by supporters of the Kaizer Chiefs.

There is no one who can take the general's place. Everyone have a talent that is one of a kind. Nengomasha was capable of making hard, timely tackles, sweeping, being highly skilled, and also shooting outside the box, all of which are traits and techniques that the majority of modern DMs find difficult to possess. I've seen certain people, like Jali and Kekana, get close, but nobody will reach the level of Tinashe Nengomasha since that person wasn't called 90 minutes for any error, and nobody else will either.

I do not believe that it is appropriate to make a comparison between Tinashe Nengomasha and this young guy. They would rather boast about how good a DM player they are. Even within the next few years, there will be no one who can take Nengomasha's place. Each player competes using his or her own individual strengths. The sooner we see that the better displacement item matching players is nothing more than an unnecessary burden on the players, the sooner we will be able to stop doing it.


According to the comments made above, fans of Kaizer Chiefs don't think that Alton Zitha Macheke will be able to fill the vacuum left by Tinashe Nengomasha. This is because they believe that Nengomasha was the best thing that Kaizer Chiefs will ever have. Do you believe that Alton Zitha Macheke will make an impact in the midfield department for the Kaizer Chiefs? We would appreciate it if you would share your thoughts in the comment area below.

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