Stay Safe: Coronavirus has killed almost 500,000 people globally


Coronavirus has killed almost 500,000 people globally according to the World Health Organization. The disease which has been declared as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization has affected close to 10 million lives after the deadly virus broke out in Wuhan, China in late 2019.

According to the World Health Organization, Coronavirus Cases around the globe are now 9,445,875 with 5,105,635 recoveries and 482,131 people have lost their lives.

The United States of America whose total population is 330,965,224 is leading the most affected with 2,447,449 confirmed cases, 123,934 total death, and 1,025,350 has recovered.

South America's Brazil is second on the with 1,157,451 confirmed COVID 19 cases, 52,951 citizens in Brazil have died of the deadly disease and 613,345 has been confirmed fully fit.

Russia is Europe's most affected as far as COVID 19 is concerned. With 606,881 confirmed cases, it makes them 3rd on the list of the most affected nations globally. 8,513 out of the 606,881 has died and 368,822 has been declared fully fit according to health authorities.

India's population is 1,379,801,829 and out of that figure, 472,972 has been confirmed affected with Coronavirus. 14,907 has lost their lives and 271,688 has recovered.

The fifth on the list is the United Kingdom. 306,862 out of the 67 million citizens have been affected by the outbreak of COVID 19. 43,081 has been confirmed dead by NHS.

Top 10 most COVID 19 cases

1. USA 2,447,449

2. Brazil 1,157,451

3. Russia 606,881

4. India 472,972

5. UK 306,862

6. Spain 294,166

7. Peru 260,810

8. Chile 254,416

9. Italy 238,833

10. Iran 212,501