Teacher Dies Instantly After A Class 7 Pupil Pelts Her With A Stone On The Head

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Teachers have been adversely affected by the gross indiscipline of learners since schools fully reopened in January this Year. The government had allowed partial opening in October 2020 to allow candidates finish the syllabus and prepare for national exams. Grade four,class eight pupils and form four students reported to school amidst calls from parents to have children back in school following the rising cases of truancy. Many cases of early pregnancies among school-going girls were some of the incidences of moral decadence that caused the agitation for early reopening even before the Covid-19 infection curve could flatten.

Teachers have suffered physical assault from rogue learners who turned against their teachers whenever they were corrected for mistakes done. Some learners carried knives and machetes to school to stab or slash their teachers. Others would beat up teachers causing them serious bodily harm. The affected teachers are leaving with injuries both physical and psychological as result of misdemeanor by students. Schools have equally suffered great losses through arson activities by learners. The school fires havw gutted down dormitories and property worh millions. In a more disturbing experience, a teacher has reportedly been killed by a pupil after he hit her on the head with a stone. The culprit who is in class seven in a school in shinyalu reportedly pelted the teacher wirh a stone killing her instantly.

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