How Ruto Is Climbing Mt Kenya

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With the journey to 2022 general elections still moving on, different political leaders have already shown their interest in the political seats. The presidential seat is seemingly a two horse run between the deputy president William Ruto and Rt Honorable Raila Odinga.

They have been taking their campaigns in all parts of the country and Mt Kenya region has not been left behind. Both of them are doing all their best to attract the attention of the citizens. They have been going to the Mt Kenya region frequently, probably due to the high number of a few days to come ,Ruto is expected to tour Embu and Chuka towns to give his manifestos to the citizens. He is more likely to attract large crowds as seen in the past. He is also likely to boost some businesses in the area as witnessed in his previous destinations.

The citizens in the area are likely going to welcome him and as usual, there will be no violence. lastly, he might meet with youths in the region to share a word with them.

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