Just look at how Larry Somaila showed his commitment to the team towards winning the double


The Phobians have gotten everything right last season by getting enough players to fit in the positions that are needed the most. The rough and aggressive tackler in Larry has devoted his time and have loved to live to expectation from time to time.

If we can remember, Larry was one of the few players that got the vigour and tenacity to voice out their opinion on the Phobians winning the league last season. He plays like no body’s business with his heart clean and defend very well.

With their hopes high some of the opposition were doubting their energy and ideology as they opine winning the league last season. Because they started in a shambolic manner.

The coaches that took over the team never had a complete team and a strong player at the side. Hearts of Oak changed almost three coaches in the first quarter of the season.

Larry Somaila gave his all at the bench bu joining celebrations any time the team delivers in a good style. In the FA Cup finals between Hearts of Oak and AshantiGold FC, he was at the bench but remorsefully show what he got as a player.

During the penalty kicks, the right back was on his knees praying for the team to win the match. What he did was astonishing and not all players will get their deserved reward and prayers been heard by God.

All we wish is that every Jummah prayer brings peace, joy, success and forgiveness of Allah to all of your lives and strengthens the faith upon him.

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