The first African country to be colonized before any other country, they were colonized by France


Africa being the most mineral gifted continent in the world attracted many foreigners onto our shores about a hundred and something years ago today after which some of them became our colonial masters and we had to fight for our independence.

The first African country to be colonized by the Europeans is present day Morocco which was colonized in the year 1912 by the French army led by great French army lieutenants and their soldiers.

For an African country to be inhibited by foreigners then that country must be rich in a peculiar mineral or resource that is attracting these foreigners, Morocco which is a North African country is very rich in phosphate , clays, cobalt, copper, fluorspar, iron ore, lead, salt, silver, talc, and zinc as well as barite.

In the year 1943 , former United States president Franklin Roosevelt advised the then sultan of Algeria towards freeing his country from the French rule and attaining independence for his nation, after several years of administrative battle there was at leastan array of hope.

On the day 6th November 1955, French Foreign Minister Antoine Pinay and sultan Mohammed Ben Youssef signed the La Celle-St-Cloud peace pact agreements, which led to the independence of Morocco liberating the country into total freedom and self reliance.

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