"We Are ALL Sinners" Top Vocal Politician Openly Blushes Off Religious Leaders For Intimidating Them


It is said politics is a dirty game,at the same time scholars argue that religion and politics are definitely intertwined such that you cannot separate them.

The big question aroused whether churches can be converted into political arena on Sunday in Western region when archbishop Ole Sapit decided to suspend politics in the presence of former prime minister Raila Odinga, Musalia Mudavadi and other dignitaries,the session that invited several attention amongst individuals.

Normally in every church it has been a common routine that a leader is given first priority,but according archbishop Sapit,this seemed to have been a forgone case as many would perceive it.

This accrued attention among individuals like former vice president,hon Kalonzo Musyoka who disputed the move, claiming that churches should be fair on politicians and they shouldn't be perceived as worst sinners.

This statement comes after Cleophas Malala rebuked the act envisaging even Jesus himself welcomed everyone in his ministry.

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