How to Become A Catholic Priest

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A Catholic Priest is a clergy living a consecrated life in which their family is the Christians they serve. They are usually called Father and they in turn call their christians sons and daughters. Fathers are usually posted in Parishes where they serve as the heads of the sub Parish and Centers.Below are some requirements on how to become a priest.

1.A person should be 16 to 50 years old.

2.Have a medical examination records.

3.Must study in any Catholic Seminary Institutions and have a Bachelor's Degree.

4.Should have Good Conduct from the government.

Having qualified, a person is ordained to become a Priest/Father with the authority of the Roman Pope and this

 is what they do.

1.They represent the Diocese in various Parishes and report monthly reports to the Bishop.

2.They are in charge of baptizing the catholic faithfuls and serve them with Sacrament as newly Christians in the church. They also bless people's rosaries.

3.Priests are the one who pray for the sick and anoint them with special oil mean't for the sick and sprinkle them with holy water.

4.They also contribute in developments in the Parish. Priests also manage Caothic schools, hospitals and institutions.

5.They are responsible in conducting ceremonies like, Wedding, Funerals and mass Services in their Parishes. They also have meetings with people every week.

6.They announce jobs whenever they are available.

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