Mixed Reactions Trail the Photo of a Designed Eba and Oha Soup

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As people tend to produce new food and other edibles for different use of the fast growing economy, some others tend to rebrand the old one people are already used to.

A photo of a designed eba in a tie-like form and oha soup got people talking online as mere looking at it, one can see obviously that it must have taken the designer a whole lot of time, to get such design of the eba particularly.

They were mixed reactions from people of which many people said they can't eat such thing food, while some took more interest in the soup which looked quite appetising. Their reason for disagreeing to eat the food is because they believe that for such design to come into manifestation, the food must have gone through several stretching or hand touching which may be unhygienic for one to consume.

As the world keeps revolving, new inventions, and renovations keep coming in, including rebranding of edibles. It's left for you to look carefully before deciding on which to eat, and be certain it's going to be good to your health.

Credit: Oseratin Victor Asemota, Twitter

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