5 Luxury Cars That Are Cheap To Buy, But Expensive To Maintain.


The main reason a car's maintenance cost can be termed to be expensive is due to the high cost of repair parts. As cars get older, the more they are associated with maintenance costs. Below are some of the luxury cars that require a high maintenance cost;

1.Volkswagen Passat.

It is a mid-size family sedan that offers adequate power. The cabin is roomy, and the car features a large trunk for family trips.The Passat competes in a segment full of excellent vehicles, most of which offer superior interiors, better infotainment systems with larger touch screens, and nimbler handling. The car has a high maintenance cost, and this makes it an expensive car to purchase.

2.Ford Mustang.

It is less expensive compared to other "pony" cars. But, its repairs and maintenance makes it costly. Most of the common dealer service expenses include an oil and filter change, starter replacement and brake job replacing the brake pads and rotors. This spare parts cost large amounts of money.

3.Dodge Grand Caravan.

The modern Caravans are offered in the market at a fair reasonable price. It is a vehicle of choice for a growing family. Although,the investment cost is low, the long term maintenance and repair cost is very high.

4.Honda Pilot.

Honda motors are one of the most successful automobile companies in the world. The company builds some of the highest quality and most reliable vehicles. This vehicle has a reasonable base price but it's maintenance can become a headache.

5.Subaru Forester.

It is a popular compact crossover SUV. Its safety features include the Lane Departure Prevention, a Lane Centering Function, and the Rear Seat Reminder to prevent child entrapment. The maintenance and repair costs makes the total cost of ownership expensive.

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