Minority Holds Press Conference


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The minority in parliament has held a press conference on the media encounter with Ghanaians by the Roads and Highway Minister Hon Kwesi Amoako Attah with the issues of road construction.

Recently, as indicated earlier, the Minister of Roads Highways , Hon Kwasi Amoako Attah had a press conference addressing Ghanaians with the government’s plans and intentions regarding the construction of roads, bridges and highways. In his address, he made mention that, the government is going to construct 11,000km of roads across the country and 20 interchanges.

The minority in Parliament hearing this has held a press conference and raised a lot of concerns. A ranking member on the committee of Roads and Transport Hon Isaac Adjei Mensah has stated that, 11,000km is so small. According to him the Government has had more than enough funds to construct just 11,000km.

Hon Isaac Adjei Mensah, they have realised that, the government spends not less than $2million on every kilometre of road which is too much.On behalf of the minority, Hon Isaac Adjei Mensah the government that, why did it fail to do such projects in the last four years from 2017 to date.He ended by saying that, the NPP government is peddling fictions to Ghanaians.

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