Inside Emirate's Economy Airbus A380(Photos)

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When Emirates unveiled its new premium economy cabin, the airline also announced that the entire cabin onboard would be renovated, not just the new fourth cabin. Economy seats on the plane, which can usually be reached via a jet bridge to the second entrance, are arranged. They're based on the airline's Boeing 777 seats, which are game-switching but upgraded with full leather headrests, wooden tables and a 13.3-inch IFE screen.


Passengers are rarely able to use the rear spiral staircase of the Emirates Airbus A380 as only business class and first-class passengers are allowed to use the bar. That's why it feels so special when you use it, even when the plane is on the ground.

The bar is a favourite of airline first-class passengers.

As you climb the stairs, you'll find a corridor along the crew's rest area. The passengers then arrive at the onboard bar. On the new four-class aircraft, the bar has been upgraded with champagne coloured seats. To the right of the plane is a coffee table for four. While on the left side there is a cabin that can also accommodate four people at a slightly higher table. Every day the bar and other areas of the plane are decorated with freshly picked flowers such as orchids.

The cabin provides a relaxing drink area with friends, colleagues or strangers at 12,000 feet.

A variety of refreshing drinks can be prepared at the bar, from alcoholic drinks to long drinks and cocktails. Of course, there are also soft drinks. Emirates will soon be auctioning off the bars of its first Airbus A380.

Renovated business class cabin

The business class cabin is in front of the bar. There are 76 seats on this particular plane. The seats retain the champagne upholstery of the onboard bar and bring it forward. Tied to a wooden floor, the cockpit is designed to reflect the look and feel of a private jet.

Business Class consists of four rows of seats in a checkered pattern.

Seats are arranged in a 1-2-1 checkerboard pattern so that each passenger has direct access to the aisle. That is, one seat next to the window is right next to the window, while the one in front has a table between the chair and the window, but without a partition to the aisle. The same goes for the middle seat. Rows alternate between the middle seats, which are held together and separated by tables.

Half of the seats by the window did not have a good view through the window.

Each chair converts into a bed and bed and has a personal minibar, ideal if you're thirsty but don't want to go to the bar or wait for drinks from the flight attendants.

First-class apartments offer the ultimate luxury experience in the sky.

The chair has a large high-resolution screen, hidden motorized bar, cosmetic tray with hidden mirror, and more. Each apartment has doors that are fully close to ensure the comfort of passengers inside, along with motorized blinds. Passengers can control the in-flight entertainment system using a tablet and of course, the seats are also button operated.

A motorized bar opens to display a variety of drinks.

Emirates first-class cabin accents are hidden behind several doors at the very front of the cabin. The large aeroplane toilet is more like a private bathroom in the sky. Not only is there plenty of room to move around and change clothes, but the toilet also has a luxurious sink area. We haven't mentioned the best.

First-class bathrooms are not without space.

You will need space to change clothes before showering at the back of the room. A relative oddity on the plane, the bathroom was set to a timer. Unfortunately, tall people may need to crouch slightly to shower effectively. Given the narrowing of the fuselage at the front of the fuselage, there wasn't enough room to stand like 6 feet 3 inches.

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