Social Media Platforms can help you earn. Get to know how the Wajesus family earns

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The Wajesus family is well known family mainly active on Instagram and on YouTube channel where they share most of the moments they have together. He says that it's through this social media platforms that he is able to earn a living.

The Wajesus family consists of @kabiwajesus, his wife @millywajesus and their small baby.

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Social media platforms is an open space and anyone can use it for their own consumption. Kabiwajesus actually says that he used to post things online for fun and he wanted to always post a thing a day he was thankful for and it's through that he became a frequently active social media user.

After sometime it's when he received a phone call from someone asking him how much they charge to click on his page. He didn't know that it can pay. It's after then that they started to earn from posting just simple things on social media platforms.

He gets from promoting properties for example the @bonfire_properties, @greenhaven_properties and many others just by posting a picture with his family to sharing a photo together.

(Millywajesus in one of the properties they work with @greenhaven_properties. Photo courtesy. Source: Instagram)

Kabi advices the youth to use the platforms for their own good and should post relevant things that can bring some income to them.

"Social media requires only content and consistency." Kabiwajesus says. When you got the content, posting consistently and keeping your fans updated will get people interested in your posts and it's through their interest that you get to earn.

It's true that we can use the platforms for our own good and achieve what we never imagined through it. Just making the right choice and being persistent, consistent, creative, imaginative and see the positive side of everything.

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