End Of The Road For Man Who Had Been Defiling A 4-Year-Old On A Daily Basis


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Grown ups are supposed to protect the weak and vulnerable members of the society including children and the old but this is completely the opposite of what Abraham Kirimi did.

According to facebook post by The Kenya Police, the said suspect is alleged to have defiled a four year old girl in Anjalu Igembe North Meru County.

The suspect is currently held at Lare police station as police launch investigations on his conduct. If found guilty Karimi is likely to receive a length jail sentence if he is spared life sentence.

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The suspect is alleged to have defiled the child on a daily basis. It was not immediately established whether the young girl's parents had entrusted the suspect to take care of her or the suspect lured the little girl with baits.

Parents are urged to ensure that their children are always within reach and to avoid the temptation of leaving their little ones with strangers or neighbours they don't know very well.

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