Maps and Boity are they going to remain friends forever?

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It is very common for people that witness a long term friendship between a boy and girl to start speculating and do match making that they should just be a couple and tie the knot.

Masego Maps Maponyane who wears many hat in the entertainment industry and is also a businessmen has been friends with Boitumelo Boity Thulo who also has many hats in the entertainment industry and also a businesswoman, to an extant that people are calling for wedding bells.

When Boity wished his closed friend Maps on Instagram a happy birthday, their followers were like grandparents who always asks when are you getting married, and commented with insinuation of get married please, you are made for each other.

The message from Boity really showed compassion and understanding of each other, including inviting God into his life, to reveal how deep their friendship goes.

These individuals are not siblings nor relatives if they wish to be a power couple they can be, as they look good with each other. Even if they were a couple we wouldn't be aware until they make an official announcement and face being pressured by the industry.

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