Raila Odinga Finally Admits His Main Fear Ahead Of 2022 General Elections


The former prime minister Raila Odinga has finally identified his main fear ahead of the much anticipated 2022 general elections. He has called for unity especially for his ODM party and warns against parish if unity will not be upheld by his close supporters. This comes in the wake of the ongoing crisis between NASA co-founders with Raila Odinga even after Uhuru Kenyatta declared unwavering support for any member of NASA who will willingly take up the role to run for presidential campaigns in the much anticipated 2022 general elections.

The former prime minister has been identified alongside the deputy president William Ruto as the top political aspiring who will battle out for the presidency in the upcoming presidential elections of 2022. This has caused early campaigns in the country ahead of the general elections which have been predicted to be tightly contested between presidential aspirants.

There were early signals of postponement of the elections but the deputy president quickly shut the talks in an interview and promised Kenyans that elections will be held.

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