Look at some gorgeous pictures of JS Saoura as they come against Accra Hearts of Oak on Sunday

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The opponent playing the Phobians in the Accra Sports Stadium on Sunday have arrived safely.

The team looks focus and determine to replicate what their friendly nation did to the Phobians. The whole of Ghana is now supporting the Phobians because of the Ghana identity.

Their arch rivals went to the same competition last two season’s and never made a meaningful impact from Champions League to the Confederations Cup.

This time round the team looks much prepared and ready to secure their position in the next round by winning massively this encounter. The Algerian team JS Saoura is now with the anti - Phobians fans.

They sent a number of contingent to survey the country and find a better place to secure their players. What baffles the mind of most Ghanaians here is that, the team came here with only 19 players to pass the COVID-19 test.

But if they fail unfortunately, about two players then it means that they are going to suffer dearly in Ghana.

They took some glimpse of pictures at the Kotoko International Airport as they landed in the country. They will have a feel of the pitch in Accra by tomorrow.

Hearts of Oak on the other hand is back from Cape Coast where they decided to camp and continue their training.

Hearts of Oak is under pressure to impress the defeat they are getting of late is hurting the team. To qualify automatically when playing against this North African side, there’s a need for the team to score more goals and shouldn’t concede.

The JS Saoura team feels comfortable when they settle in the country. Is a serious match but Hearts need to get things right.

This is the time to see coach Samuel Boadu to make a proper commencement in his lineup and tactical approach.

Moreover, this match can make and unmake him. The team is not better than Hearts and have not gotten to the pedigree of the Phobians.

The opportunity needs to come from the target of the Hearts of Oak team to shock many Ghanaians.

The confidence of the Saoura team should go to sleep and it can only happen when Hearts deliver marvellously from scoring 2/3 unanswered goals.

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