SAD: Boyfriend becomes a bestman at girlfriends wedding and did this.

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At the wedding of a lady he dated for five years, he acts as best man.

This is a short story about a lover who was given the honor of being best man at the wedding of a girl or woman he had been dating for around 5 years. It hurts a little, but you never know; the world we live in is full of unpleasant surprises and events.

This gentleman, who subsequently became a best man, met this girl after high school, they became friends, and then their relationship escalated to the point where they were lovers. Despite the fact that the boyfriend was not affluent, their relationship continued nicely with no signs of weakness or breakup until the unthinkable happened.

While still in a relationship with his fiancée, he accepted an invitation from his closest friend to be his best man at his wedding. He informed the lady, and she graciously consented to follow him as his lovely girlfriend.

This guy tried three days before the wedding to call his sweetheart to notify her of the upcoming wedding but was unable to do so. He, too, had no idea where she lived, so his only option was to keep contacting her phone number, which he did, but to no avail.

Without his sweetheart present on the big day, he had to go and complete his best man duties. He was the best man at the wedding, as he had been at all the others. They were right in front of the people who had gathered to see the bride. He had a feeling, but he didn't think it would be possible until the bride entered the church.

She moved closer and closer, but because her face was obscured under a veil, he was still suspicious. When she was exposed, he realized it was the same woman he'd been dating for the previous five years. Even though they hadn't broken up yet, that was how his girlfriend treated him.

He had to swallow his emotions and keep them to himself because it was his friend's special day and he didn't want to spoil it. He had to attend the wedding of the lady he had been wooing as best man. This is an example of how callous some women can be. Let's be cautious and pick wisely who we start something with.

Instead of raising a ruckus, the poor guy ensured that the wedding went off without a hitch. What are your thoughts on what he did? What are your thoughts on the situation?

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