Romantic Strategies On How To Handle A Girlfriend Who Is Too Hot

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Below are expert tips on how to handle a girlfriend who is too "hot":

1. Don't be intimidated by her looks. Just because she is pretty or gets a lot of attention from other guys, doesn't mean you can't handle her. Be confident in yourself and she will be drawn to your security.

2. Don't let her looks go to your head. It can be easy to start thinking you are the luckiest guy in the world when you are dating a girl that is way out of your league. But don't let it go to your head, this will only make you act cocky and arrogant which is a major turn off.

3. Be yourself. Don't try to be someone you're not just to impress her. She will see through it and it will only make things more difficult in the long run. Be genuine, honest and authentic and she will appreciate you more.

4. Don't be afraid to show your vulnerable side. Just because she is hot, doesn't mean she is unapproachable. It's okay to be a little vulnerable and show her your softer side. This will make her feel more comfortable with you and she will be more likely to open up to you as well.

5. Don't be afraid to compliment her. Just because she is hot, doesn't mean she doesn't like to hear compliments from you. In fact, she probably loves it! So don't be afraid to tell her how beautiful she is, how sexy she looks or how much you appreciate her.

6. Work towards building intimacy, not sex. Sex is nothing. Intimacy is everything. If you can get her to open her heart, getting her to open her legs will be an anticlimax.

7. Earn her trust. Be consistent, Show integrity. Treat all people well and with honesty. Don’t brag to make yourself “worthy” of her. Let her know where you are weak as well as strong. Women value honesty among all things and beautiful women are constantly plied with lies and lines. Be consistently honest and she will let down her guard and let you into her heart more and more. This is called “earning trust” and it comes from acting with integrity.

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