Tension in Kiambaa as UDA, Jubilee Lock Horns


Tension has been reported in Kiambaa today as two party factions of UDA and jubilee heavily clashed at Karuri Primary school. The county commander has however cancelled any meetings in the field to quell the tension in the constituency.

It's a fact jubilee party is leaving nothing to chances in effort to remain the defacto party in central Kenya. It's however also a fact that the deputy president William Ruto and team are keen to ensure UDA captures the seat unabated as that will stamp confidence among the people in the newly formed party.

The two camps of jubilee party and UDA are fighting hard to ensure the seat comes back to the party from jubilee party. It's a fact already that it's already clear the two leaders are heavily fighting hard for any camp really wants to capture the seat.

Therefore moving forward it's clear already that tension has been extreme in Kiambaa for it's a fact that going into the future every party wants to remain strong. It's clear though that Kiambaa is very critical ahead of 2022 general election for both jubilee and UDA something that has really caused a lot of tension today after meeting on one field.

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