Dear Earth, 666 Begun Long Ago


Only God has no end. Everything else that has a beginning shall surely come to an end. The gift of every day is a sign that we are all moving closer to the finishing line.

There is one thing every one of us is doing every day, no matter your color or breed, or position on this earth, every one of us is doing this one thing. People do not realize they are doing it but Africans are doing it, the Asian is doing it, the European is doing it. Everyone born of a man and a woman on this is earth is doing it

That one thing is worship. What are you worshipping? What principles and laws are you willing to die for?

The form of worship that signifies the end of the times with the mark of the beast has already begun. The world has evolved and so has everything evolved. You do not need to go to any faraway village to meet a juju man, these days they bring the juju to your doorsteps to strike and destroy innocent souls in other to strike fear and win followers to their side

Just like the gospel of Jehovah through Yeshuah and the new testament was spread through any type of means, the gospel of old testament rebels and their ways of doing things based on lies and destruction of innocent souls is being spread everywhere with the promise of earthly wealth and power

By all means, live your fullest, enjoy everyday to the fullest, do what makes you happy but remember to follow the kind of worship that gives eternal life lest you do not initiate yourself into the mark of the beast without even knowing

Do not be afraid of losing anything on this earth, In the end if you do not lose it today, you will surely lose it another day when death, the finished line for every living being comes calling. So be wise and give yourself a second chance of living again in an earth that God originally intended for man.