Here Are Foods That Mothers Should Eat During Pregnant To Get An Intelligent Baby

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Foods to Eat During Pregnancy to Make Baby Smart - According to Expert

Foetal brain development usually starts after 28 days of conception when the neural tube is formed. During this time, the mother must intake adequate amounts of nutrients because what a mother eating during pregnancy has a major impact on a baby's brain development inside the womb and the cognitive responses of the child at a later stage in life.

This blog will tell you about the 15 most important foods to eat during pregnancy to make the baby smart.

The two most important nutrients that play a significant role in brain development are folate and choline. They help prevent neural tube defects. Other essential nutrients include iodine, iron, protein, and vitamin D.

The following are some of the most popular foods to eat during pregnancy to make the baby smart.

1. Eggs

Having eggs during pregnancy or breastfeeding helps enhance brain development, making the baby smarter.

Research suggests that eggs contain nutrients that the body can easily absorb. Eggs are a rich source of choline, fatty acids, essential vitamins and minerals, and bioactive compounds that enhance foetal brain development. Pregnant women can have 2 hard-boiled eggs each day.

2. Meat

Having meat during pregnancy also helps boost brain development in babies.The study suggests that meat is rich in iron, zinc, and vitamin B12, which are essential nutrients for brain development.

Zinc forms a part of the DNA and acts as a neurotransmitter. Its deficiency can lead to reduced memory in babies. Vitamin B12 is also beneficial for the psychiatric health of babies. Meat also contains niacin, a compound that improves cognitive function.

3. Bananas

Banana  is another most important foot brain development during pregnancy because it is rich in folic acid.

4. Dairy products

Milk and other dairy products like yoghurt and cheese are essential foods during pregnancy. The study suggests that milk and dairy products are rich in iodine and protein sources necessary for foetal brain development. Milk also contains choline that helps make your baby smarter. 

Research suggests that iodine deficiency during pregnancy can cause damage to the brain of the foetus. Children of mothers who had iodine deficiency in pregnancy are prone to neurological disabilities.

5. Spinach

Another iron and folate-rich food that can enhance foetal brain development is spinach. According to research, spinach contains folic acid, which is beneficial in making babies smarter.

6. Salmon

Eating fish like salmon and tuna is also good for developing a baby's brain as they are a rich source of choline.

Fish also contain good amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. According to research fatty acid (DHA), a type of omega-3 acid, is essential for the fetus's neurodevelopment.

DHA is also responsible for the structural and functional development of the fetus's brain. Pregnant women should eat properly cooked fish only.

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