Sen. Millicent Omanga Visits The Trending chips Seller Bavalyne Kwamboka, Gifts Her

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Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga has today visited the trending lady Bavalyne Kwamboka at her place of business located at Kware under the Kware footbridge.

Omanga gifted the hardworking lady with an umbrella and a stock as away of appreciating her hardwork. This comes after the lady asked for help to enable her trade peacefully without distraction by sun.

"Bevalyne represents the true Kenyan spirit of hardwork. Despite all odds, she has maneuvered through harsh economic times to earn herself a decent living. I saw her request on Twitter, asking if she could get an umbrella shade for her chips business." Omanga posted on her social media pages

"On top of the umbrella shade, I have boosted her business with stock which will atleast ease her burden and generate more income for her." She added.

The lady has been trending on social media with many appreciating her hardwork while some as usual critisize her.

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