Summary on How Zora Show Will End (Opinion)


Zora is the recently premiered Soap Opera,where Sarah Hassan is the main actor. Zora is the mother to Simba but she is not currently in good terms with his husband Fella. In the show Fella is a womanizer,something that turned off Zora.

On the other hand Loretta and Oscar are bitter with their brother Oliver. This is because he has taken their father's title deeds. Oscar is a politician and they are grooming their son Mandiba into the same.

In the end we are likely to know who killed Mandiba's wife and grandfather. Did they die a natural death or it was all planned. As it goes, everything will come to the limelight in the end.

Alma is likely to be be eliminited. This is because she is corrupting Kwame's mind on pursuing for his inheritance. Kwame's familly is against it and they don't have any option. On the other hand Mandiba is likely to marry Zora. These will be the most interesting part of the show. These will be after Zora will divorce Fella.

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