Things That Will Happen During The Last Days.


Tje history of the Bible starts with the creation of the earth and ends with the end of the world. You should be glad that we all know how the world was created and how it will end, this makes us to be unique. Always be greatful because Jesus was so forthright in sharing what the future holds for us. Most of the prophets talk about the end times. The real fact is that the last days started at Pentecost where the first prophecy of the last days was fulfilled. The following signs will take place during end times.

The disciples of Jesus were eager to know what will happen when Jesus would return back to the earth. Jesus told them not to allow anyone to mislead them because false Prophets will come claiming that they have been sent by the Messiah. He said that nations will fight against each other. He further encouraged them that thw end won't come immediately after those events took place.

There will be famines and earthquake in many parts of the world. Christians will be persecuted and killed. All people who believe in God will be hated because they are His followers. He further said that sin will be rampant everywhere, the love for each other will grow cold. He told the disciples that whoever endures that till the end, he will be saved by God. The kingdom of the Lord will then be preached in the whole world then the end will come.

You should always pray so that your flight won't be during the winter. If the time of those calamities is not shortened, no one will be able to survive. It will be only shorted for those people that God has chosen them Himself. The false prophets who will arise will perform great wonders so as to deceive people. This is something that we have already seen taking place. Repent so that you maybe able to witness the second coming of the Messiah.