Watch as Chinese company runs into trouble with Alhaji Yahaya Bello

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Something strange. I expect that big construction work to have clerk of works, resident engineer, Architect, construction manager, project manager, quantity surveyor construction supervisor. All these are responsible in quality management. Giving constant report to client. Quality is managed in each and every stage against the plan and contract.

How did they arrive in that situation? How each stage was signed off as correctly completed while not meeting minimum standard? What happened with clerk of works and architect interim report to the client(state)? In construction industry you do not generalise about project not according to standard and contract but you specify what is not up to standard.

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A united Nigeria will thrive on political stability and social security - Gov. Yahaya Bello

Speaking during a statewide broadcast to commemorate Nigeria’s 61st Independence Day on Friday, Bello said the quality of public health and education must be high.

“A united Nigeria will thrive on political stability and social security,” the governor said.

“It also goes without saying that the quality of the public education system and that of the public health system must be high. Both must deliver free to affordable services. It is only then that people will belong because they want to, not because they must.

“My concept of a united Nigeria is not one where everyone is held down by force or fear, but a nation which guarantees all citizens security, unity and peace. It must be equitable and allow everyone to thrive on his own merits.”

The governor said under his stewardship, the people of Kogi have been working together to move the state forward.

“I have often and severely warned my officials at all levels to eschew divisiveness and encourage cooperation and integration among Kogites themselves and between Kogites and others as a cardinal objective of governance,” he said.

“As a result, we have had the pleasure, over the last six years, of seeing our diversity of tribes, religions, age, class, gender and ability working together in closer harmony than at any other time before to move our state forward.”

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