How to start mini importation business with or without capital.


Arguably,the most efficient and economical means of transacting business is online marketing without physical contact.You can seat at the comfort of your home and do business with people at any part of the globe.This has further deepen E-commerce including mini importation and droshipping.

You can also sell or market product using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and U-tube especially if you positioned yourself very well,you may reach over 5000 customers at a goal with the selling message and sales.

I would like to delve into E-commerce,mini importation, droshipping,tools involved current trends,where to get your products from avoiding middlemen etc.What then then is E-commerce.E-commerce is simply selling and buying products online.E-commerce is about $200 million annually.It is also projected to grow more than $1 billion by the year 2030.This gives hope since there is huge business opportunities.There are two types of E-commerce namely mini importation and droshipping.When we talk of mini importation,the first thing that comes to mind is manufacturer, customer and middlemen.To zero in to specific objective,dropshipping involves the buyer,the product and the seller.

The platform for mini importation are; shoppify where you creat an online store at a fee of $29/month which is not economical to use.

Amazon which is retail selling.Amazon is the world's largest online market place founded in 1994.The revenue accrued from Amazon in 2019 stood at $280 billion.

E-bay is another platform which is used for auction sales.Jumia Africa,AliExpress which is an online retail service based in China that is owned by Alibaba Group.Alibaba and which is Chinese sites where you can get products at very very cheap price and make unimaginable profits.

You can use as little as 500 Ghana cedis or less to import products from geanui manufacturer and sell locally making 5 times profits.The strategy is get the right suppliers at Alibaba and 1688 group.learn to negotiate for prices,look for right middlemen to work on your behalf to deliver the goods to you in Ghana.learn to import the right products which people need and want in Ghana.Do research and data gathering regarding price and products.communicates with the right suppliers with well crafted business letter which is brief and concise.Ask for samples. Request for product images and video from the suppliers to put on your websites or online store.

Alternatively,you can look for orders in Ghana then request for samples from and do presentation to clients.This is where dropshipping comes in.The potential clients for dropshipping locally are; real estates,hospital and automobile industry.You can build online store or find expert to build it for you by paying as little as 100 cedis equivalent in dollars.Consult WordPress site builder.

Potential products to look for are wrist watches with categories.Wireless phone charger,night glasses,video door bell,anti theft bag,men facial beard tool and video camera.

These are the few things you need to do to kstart Mimi importation business and dropshipping business.

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