Dementia is real, Lookout for these 5 signs inorder to prevent this memory threatening condition.

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Dementia is not necessarily an illness or a disease but it is a general term used to cover several conditions. These conditions can lead to memory loss or loss of several thinking abilities which can interfere with the normal daily activities of a human being.

We all perform daily routine activities which includes waking up from sleep, exercising, personal hygiene, eating and working. A human being who suffers from Dementia finds it very difficult performing the above activities without assistance.

It's not very popular condition in this part of the world but sadly a lot of people are suffering from it without knowing it. It varies from age groups but is more prominent in persons from 45 and above. The several conditions that lead to this Dementia includes Alzheimer disease which affects the memory, Lewy body dementia, Vascular dementia and Frontotemporal dementia.

The Alzheimer disease which affects the memory and mental condition of it's sufferer accounts for 70-80% capacity cause of Dementia which shows it's dominance. So here are the signs and symptoms to watch out for inorder to prevent or ensure early treatment of this condition.

1. Memory Loss

This is the number one symptom or sign. It is majorly caused by the Alhzemier disease.If you suspect that you forget things so easily or immediately. You find it so difficult trying to remember, even if you do, it is something else that you remember, this could be an early sign and you need to visit your Doctor immediately. When you start noticing that memories you have had from activities in the past start fading away from your head, that is a sign of Dementia that needs urgent medical attention.

2. Difficulty in Performing normal tasks

There are several tasks that we normally do without thinking much, but when you start noticing that you now think a lot or try to remember how you used to perform this task, visit your Doctor immediately. For example, there are foods you can cook effortlessly with all the recipes in your head, but when you start experiencing difficulty remembering ingredients or the order of cooking, that is a sign of Dementia that needs urgent medical attention.

3. Impaired Judgement

This involves making very poor decisions.It starts with difficulty in making your mind up on a decision, you think and think through different emotions and at the end you finally make a bad decision. What makes this particular symptom scaring is that it happens on a consistent basis. For example, the weather is hot, but rather than wear a light cloth, you wear a sweater thinking it is the best cloth for the current weather. It is a sign of Dementia that cannot be joked with and needs urgent medical attention.

4. Misplacing of Things

This may sound normal to you but it doesn't especially when it is happens on a consistent basis. It involves misplacing your items or your belongings without remembering where you were when they got missing. Also, keeping your possessions in awkward places. For example, keeping your phone in the fridge without realizing what you are doing. It is also a major symptom of Dementia that needs urgent medical attention.

5. Mood Swings

This also looks like a normal condition but it is not when linked with Dementia. A patient with a dementia related condition can experience sudden mood swings and changes in a short amount of time. The Person cannot control it and does not even realize when it happens. So it is very important that if you experience frequent and sudden mood changes, you visit your Doctor to check if it is Dementia related.

There are so many other symptoms but these are the major ones, hopefully it is of great help to you.

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