Dr Olukoya lists 7 things fasting does for you


Jesus' disciples couldn't cast out some demons in Matthew chapter 17 and Jesus told them that fasting and praying was what was necessary perform such feat. Fasting doesn't change God, it changes us and makes us more equipped spiritually according to Dr Olukoya in the Mountain Top devotional titled 'SPIRITUAL BENEFITS OF FASTING'.

Olukoya made it clear that there are some spiritual levels you can never attain if you don't fast and pray, he said there are some spiritual feats you cannot perform if you don't fast and pray. He then went on to list benefits of fasting.

1. Fasting increases your spiritual frequency and make you overcome battles you are engaged in.

2. Fasting empowers and energises your spirit man.

3. Fasting breaks and humbles the flesh of a believer.

4. Fasting helps you see God as your priority above your desires.

5. Fasting helps you deny yourself from worldly things.

6. Fasting consecrates you and brings down God's power upon your life.

7. Fasting brings you closer to God and increases your spiritual temperature when done with submission.

Make fasting your habit today!

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