Constituents Applaud Julius Ihonvbere As He Empowers More Groups

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What An Exceptional Lawmaker: Constituents Applaud Julius Ihonvbere As He Empowers More Groups With Generators And Deep Freezers (PHOTOS)

Constituents of Owan Federal Constituency are in wonder over the consistent developmental strides of the Federal Lawmaker representing Owan Federal Constituency in the National Assembly, Professor Julius Ihonvbere.

From one people-oriented project initiative to another, the Federal Lawmaker keeps giving his constituency back to back developmental projects.

In the last six months alone, the Professor has initiated a series of empowerment programs that have benefitted no fewer than 4,500 Constituents.

Community leaders, residents and constituents have applauded the lawmaker for the distribution of another set of 18 generators and 19 deep freezers to various groups and associations in Owan East and West Local Government Areas, the presentation was in fulfilment of the lawmaker’s commitment and promise to the people.

Many respondents have reacted to the lawmaker's benevolence in reaching out to his constituents.

"What an exceptional lawmaker we have representing us in Abuja, he has shown us the difference in quality representation, if Professor is not distributing educational materials to our children then he would be busy training our youths and providing them with tools for empowerment. We are proud of him." Elder Charles Edeki.

"Julius Ihnovebere keeps reaching out to his constituents which have made all of us proud, his intervention in the construction of schools, provision of learning materials and empowerment drive has clearly distinguished him as a lawmaker with a big difference.

We are grateful for his intervention and pray God gives him more wisdom to lead in the right direction."-Destiny Ohikhohkai.

Julius Ihonvbere has been rated exceptionally well by the community and stakeholders in Owan federal constituency.


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