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When it's 7pm and your mother shouts for somebody to go and put on the generator

You use your Bruce Lee muscle to pull the generator and cut the rope

Your sister rushes upstairs to say, "Mummy, Kayode has cut the generator rope"

You quickly carry yourself to the junction to call Boda Abass

Boda Abass comes and goes straight into your house to 'greet' your mother

He checks the gen and starts asking when last you changed the oil and your mother overhears, so she starts blaming it on phone pressing

Meanwhile, Boda Abass is using all your petrol to wash the screw

He starts chucking hand inside the generator and looking for what is not there

He eventually says he needs to buy a new rope

He tells your mother it's 35k and she asks him to leave the generator

As everybody is in the house, sitting in the dark and heat, you open your mouth to say, "Daddy, Let's buy Turnkey Generator "

They are still rearranging your bones at Igbobi hospitalThe End.

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