"My Friend's Boyfriend Tried Sleeping With Me" - Lady cries out, shares her sad experience

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A lady has shared her sad story online on how her friend's boyfriend tried sleeping with her. She took to twitter to reveal this.

See what she posted belew :

My friend's boyfriend tried sleeping with me. A thread 👇

So, I went out for an event alongside my Friend and her boyfriend. We got back late and we all crashed at his place. I slept in the parlour while my friend and her boyfriend slept together in his room.

I was wearing my friend's T-shirt and shorts for the night and covered myself with the wrapper she gave me. In the middle of the night, I felt hands on my body. I opened my eyes and saw someone pulling down my shorts, he then whispered "I want to f*** you."

I was too shocked to move, I was overwhelmed by the audacity. It was then I understood why rape victims are too stunned to shout or struggle, the shock is overwhelming. I was there, unable to move for few seconds. It was when he started tearing up condoms

that I knew he was dead ass serious, he then started to kiss my neck. I pushed him back and he looked at me and said "what is the problem? You were flirting with me at the event. You want this too as much as I do. So what's the problem"

What?! How?!!

I pushed him back and dragged my shorts, told him I couldn't betray my friend who was next door. He said "she doesn't have to know, we would be quiet" 

I decided to use the virginity card, I told him I was a virgin and because it was my first, I would be loud

it would be hard not to be loud, since I'm not a pro, controlling my sounds would be hard. He paused, thought about it and removed his condoms then went away.I was there unable to sleep. Morning came and he came out acting normal but I couldn't look at him

. My friend came out and started kissing him and telling him how much she loved him and nothing could come between them. It looked like they just had a fight. Told them I was leaving and I left.

I wanted to tell my friend but I know how girls are.

Later on. I told her and she said "He didn't, I knew he had the intention but he didn't try actualizing it"

I was stunned. She said she saw how he was staring at me in the event and they fought but he apologized. She said I was lying. I insisted then she said

"I have been with him, I have seen worse things but I can't just leave him. Sorry he tried doing that to you" I was amazed. Your boyfriend cheats on you, makes an advance on your friend and that's all you have to say? How do you stay in such toxicity ??

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