She Is Being Smart. She Has Rebranded Her 'Sika Gari' Into 'Anointing Oil Gari' - Abronye Exposes


The most trending news on all media platforms in Ghana is the arrest of Okomfo Agradaa which led to her repentance and finally to her burning of her sika Gari idols.A lot of Ghanaians don't still believe that the former sika gari fetish priestess has indeed turned a new leaf following the fact that she burnt only one out of the three idols in her shrine.

A lot of people including the Bono Regional New Patriotic Part chairman, Mr Kwame Baffoe, popularly known as Abronye DC are of the opinion that the fetish priestess is just playing a smart one on Ghanaians. Among the reasons they give is that Agradaa is just pretending to be born again just to avoid being prosecuted by the law court since she has been granted bail.

Interestingly, Abronye has revealed Agradaa has not changed from her bad ways of duping Ghanaians with her sika gari tricks. She has just rebranded her idols by covering then up with the Bible and anointing oil. According to him people should be careful because her sika gari has now been rebranded into 'Anointing oil Gari'.

He made this revelation live on Wontumi TV's 'Nsempa fie'. "Okomfo Agradaa is just being smart, she has rebranded her sika gari into something different to appear decent but deep within her she is the same old person". He there charged those who were duped by her to rage her church and loot all her church properties including any offering as a form of revenge.

Are Ghanaians treating the born again Okomfo Agradaa fairly? Do you still believe she has not indeed repented as has been alleged by Abronye?

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