Dangerous Domestic Fights More Prevalent Among 18 to 33 Year Olds


After the latest spat of love gone sour killings in the country, statistics point to a worrying trend among 18 to 33 year olds. This is the age where most of the violence and sometimes killings occur.

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It has emerged that the youth with all life's frustrations, don't know how to take divorce or a lover breaking up with them lightly. Recently, a police officer shot three times his estranged wife and killed her. He then went on to turn the gun on himself.

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There is a pattern that when a lover leaves another, the end result is almost certainly murder or gender based violence. Women have been receiving the brunt of this problem but men are not spared either.

A Kenya Defense Forces soldier was allegedly killed by his wife recently for a disagreement involving a sponsor. Over the years, the country has been witness to a lot of gender based murders that have drawn rife division whenever debate comes up.

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