Big Buttocks Attract Men But Character & Big Brains Attract Them For Marriage

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These days, it has become a norm for young ladies to flaunt their big hips or buttocks on social media thinking that it is the order of the day but I’m sorry to let you know that not all men fall to this bait. Women with big buttocks may look attractive to so many men but that is not all that men want in a woman when it comes to making a choice of a life partner for marriage. Apart from having big hips and an attractive body, there are some qualities that men look for before settling down with any woman.

A woman with big buttocks attracts the eyes of a man but the one with good character, personal values, and big brains attracts the hearts of men to consider them as wives. Ladies, your big buttocks and attractive body can arouse the feelings of a man to desire you in bed but it is your character, values, and your brains that stir his heart to have you in his life as his wife.


Most women with big buttocks, breasts and attractive bodies only concentrate on exercising, special training sessions, and taking some creams or drugs to have a particular shape of the body. When a woman invests so much into her body and outward appearance without considering the inward values that can get her settled down in life with any well-meaning man, she only becomes an object of sex. Such kinds of women hop from one man to another in relationships. They knew they are hotcakes. The moment one man exits, another is begging to come in.

Inasmuch as some men would desire to have women with big buttocks to marry, men on the other hand also entertain a lot of fears when it comes to marrying such women. Most women with big buttocks end up having issues in their marriage and they end up being single. Some of them cannot simply live a decent life and stay with one man in life. They know they have high market value and people will chase them for pleasure but marrying them as wives is always the fear most men have.


Young lady, stop spending all your time on social media trying to upload pictures to portray your big buttocks and breasts to attract social media reactions. This can only get you the attention you want but not the kind of man you want in life. Being a slay queen with an adorable body and big buttocks may seem profitable to you today but after having sex with such a charming body and you have your organism or ejaculations, what is next.

Big buttocks cannot put food on the table or pay bills. Big buttocks cannot give you any advice in life; it is big brains that do. The desire to have a curvaceous figure has made many young ladies very lazy. Most of these ladies only feed on fast foods because they do not have the time to learn how to cook and prepare their own food. The man who marries such kind of ladies will still have to depend on roadside food or restaurant meals if he can afford it. When a man marries and still goes through this, it is better he had remained single and be eating from the restaurant since the value between being single and married seems almost the same. The difference thereof lies in the fact that he can have access to sex without the guilty conscience of fornicating.


Most women with big buttocks rather put themselves at a disadvantage in life when they put all their attention on their bodies. It simply means that all they have in life is flaunting their hips, buttocks, and breasts in skimpy dresses. When a loose man wants to satisfy his lusts, he goes in for such ladies who only portray themselves as sex icons

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