Why Manchester United Should Hire Laurent Blanc Rather Than Zidane

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Pressure continues to mount on under-fire Manchester United manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer after the recent turn of events in the last five, six games. They could fall to as far as 11th should both Everton, and Tottenham secure wins in their respective fixtures today.

Yesterday's defeat against Watford has further piled pressure on the manager, and on the board as well, who prior to the encounter against Watford, still put their faith in the manager. After yesterday's defeat, it seems like the board might be looking at possible candidates to replace the manager, with them no longer believing in Solskjaer method.

Zinedine Zidane has always been seen as favourites to land the Manchester United job, but I would highly suggest that the management board at Manchester United have a rethink about hiring Zidane.

Manchester United at the moment can't seem to find a rhythm in their games, they need a manager who has played at the top level, has a style, and pattern of play, and can come in and put structures to fix the problem at Manchester United.

Zidane might possess either one or two of this trait, but he is not the manager Manchester United need at the moment, despite Zidane achievements during his time at Real Madrid, I don't think Zidane possesses the necessary tactical ability, to uplift Manchester United.

During his time at Real Madrid, most games, and trophies won were determined on individual brilliance, rather than tactical ability.

One manager that Manchester United could hire, is former player Laurent Blanc.

Nicknamed "Le president," due to his leadership qualities, I would favour Blanc over Zidane at Manchester United.

A centre back during his playing career, Blanc playing career was successful, as his managerial stint at various clubs. He won the Ligue 1 title with both Bordeaux, and PSG. A very experienced manager, Manchester United should consider hiring Laurent Blanc rather than Zidane.

He has proved his quality, and has shown that with his abilities, he can take Manchester United back to the pinnacle of dominance in the English premier league

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