Origin Of Okay(OK) World Famous Slang


We often use "ok" in our sentences mostly to show affirmation or sign of agreement. "Ok" let go. "Ok" I will accept it. But do you really know what it actually stands for ?. But am sure you know this "wtf". "Ok" is an aged slang who's origin is traced to the 18th century. Unlike like "wtf", "OK" stands for something different from it look. Early in the 80's the learned youths found their way of intentionally misspelling words. The word "all right" was either written as "Oll wright" or in a synonymous form "Oll korrect".Giving birth to the abbreviations "OW" and "OK".  "OK" surpassed "OW" when OLD Kinderhook used it as his name("OK"). It created a fued which lasted for a whole season with "OK" always in the headline of newspapers. The term was latter used as "AOK" but less was known about it. It sound also led to the simultaneously use of "OK" and "OKAY" in spelling accompanied by a three finger gesture.

Now "OK" is a global term and is even used by locals who know less about english in their conversations. But unlike it brethren it got a great long story.

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