Former MP Slams Some Jubilee Party Members For Insulting The UDA Candidate In Kiambaa


The race to win the Kiambaa by elections has been there for a while now. The race is between UDA candidate John Wanjiku who is allied to deputy president William Ruto and Jubilee party's Karanja Kariri who is president Uhuru's own.

It is for that reason that former Mukurweini member of parliament honourable Kabando wa Kabando has decided to give his views on the elections. He made a prediction and thereafter gave the similarity the two candidates.

According to him, credible surveys show UDA candidate is leading by a wide margin. Moreover,Jubilee party candidate is conducting himself very decently and maturely just as the UDA candidate, both of them are gentlemen. However, some Jubilee party members in desperation resort to hiring insults to the UDA candidate. He said those are dirty politics and they should therefore stop.

It should be remembered that Kabando is one of the leaders who are allied to DP Ruto. He has severally criticised president Uhuru and the BBI brigade.