This is a car looked like after the horrific Joburg South crash

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Road accidents usually leave scenes which are undesirable to place your eyes on.

This can be said of the accident which took place in the Gauteng Province last night. A report which was published by Arrive Alive claimed that the collision took place in Johannesburg South.

A single motor vehicle crash was reported after a light motor vehicle collided on a tree on Columbine Avenue in Mondoer.

Residents who reside in the nearby houses had a sound of a crash and rushed outside and saw a vehicle that had bundled against a tree. The residents made calls to the emergency service providers asking for urgent assistance.

Among the respondents were paramedics and law enforcement officers. Paramedics carried out an assessment after the passengers had been extracted from the vehicle.

A female driver had been stuck behind the wheel and had to be extracted by the service providers out from the wreck.

This left a total of five young adults having injuries which were extremely serious. The five injured patients comprised of two females and three males who are aged between 19 and 25 years of age.

All the five patients were treated on the scene and four of them were placed on the Advanced life support interventions.

Various ambulance service providers were on the scene and the patients were transported to nearby hospitals where they are set to receive further treatment.

An investigation is in progress regarding what might have led to the accident. As at the time of going to print, the details surrounding the incident were still not known.

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