Video Resurfaces Showing Former Machakos Senator Sarcastically Castigating His Wife During A Funeral

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A video showing how the Ngengele's father funeral turned a place of hostility has resurfaced online. The former Machakos Senator who is now a UDA member is heard sarcastically rebuking his wife's party (Wiper) to a point of uttering these words to his wife, "Do not answer me...This funeral is not for your mother or your father, it is for Ngengele and he is there keeping quiet."

Muthama who is seen to be embarrassed after bringing the UDA's politics into Wipers bases declined to be answered any question whenever he talked.

Precisely, the Mwala MP Vincent Musyoka totally politicizes the funeral to a point of his speech getting interrupted but he stongly and humbly requested to be given a chance to finish his speech.

This shows how politicians are turning places of grief's into their political arena's and thus the need for them to show respect to the bereaved.

Kambas have condemned them for bringing their political dramas into an occasion like that. From; Here are some of the people's reactions:

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