Grief as 12 Year old Girl Hangs Herself After coming From School in Kitui


A hanging noose(source.shutterstock)

A cloud of sorrow and grief engulfed Ikuyuni area, Nzambani ward of Kitui county after a 12 year old girl committed suicide by hanging herself.

The incident was confirmed by Maluma location chief who said that the reason why the young girl took her life is still unknown.

He said that the girl left no suicide note behind and she had no issue with anyone.

He observed that the girl came home from school took a rope and hanged herself.

Her parents after searching for her relentlessly were shocked to discover her dangling body.

"She just came from school and hanged herself.According to her family it's not clear why she chose to end her life. She left no suicide note but the police have been notified," said the chief.

Police arrived at the scene and took the body to Kitui level four hospital mortuary for preservation awaiting post moterm.

Investigation into the incident have commenced.