Man calls Ramaphosa the worst President in South African history


The following is about the comment that was made on twitter by a man, his comment really shook Mzansi.

Earlier, a man said something about our President Cyril Ramaphosa and that made South Africans very angry that it became a war in twitter. The man goes by the name of "Man's NOT Barry Roux", his comment was very disrespectful and it was out of order.

Here's what the man said: "Cyril Ramaphosa is the worst President South Africa have ever had."

Other twitter users did not like what he said and they replied back in a harsh way too. This is what they said:

"Such statement is expected from EFF members."

"We as South Africans are enjoying CR leadership. Corruption has no place under CR."

"You clearly don't know the definition of corruption."

Really guys ,we need to stop this as our President is doing all that he can to do good in our country.

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