Signs that she likes you (Read more)


When you know a girl likes you, it's gives you the upper hand and confidence to make your move. If a girl show this signs and you don't recognize it before it's too late then you will lose.

She always tries to touch you or move closer to you.

When girl is into you she always look for a way to make physical contact with you but she is nervous so she will do this in different ways like Adjusting your collar, Dusting your shirt or when you both are sitting she quietly moves closer maybe so that you legs are touching.

When she tries to impress you.

If she's really into you she will always try to impress you by doing the things you like. For example, maybe earlier when you were talking you mentioned something about liking girls who dress in pink then the next day she came to see you with a pink dress, yeah she totally likes you.

She smiles and laughs when around you

If a girl smiles and laughs every time she's around you it shows that she really likes being around you and loves your company and she values you which is enough to tell you she is into you.

She is always nervous when around you

When a girl has a crush on you she is mostly likely to get nervous when in your company because she has all these extra energy and doesn't know what to do with it so she is shaking, at that point you need to be the gentleman that you are and hold her hand, tell her "it's okay" by that you're telling her that you are a guy that responds.

Now you know how tell if a girl has a crush on you or not. Please follow, like and subscribe.